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12-13 May 2022

Image: a black and yellow logo for a conference. An illustration of a lightbulb combined with a pencil is in the centre, with the acronym 'AISC' and the year 2022 in the middle. They are surrounded by the words 'Australian Inclusive Schooling Conference' which form a circle.


The Illume Learning Australian Inclusive Schooling Conference is an unmissable opportunity for those with an interest in and passion for inclusive education. The conference will showcase current research, innovative approaches and strategies to include and engage students with disabilities. 

The event will bring together Australian and international leaders in the field of inclusive education to share informative and engaging presentations on the philosophy, research and practice of inclusive education.

The 2022 Australian Inclusive Schooling Conference aims to provide an exciting, interactive, and inspiring experience for our attendees. The virtual format provides peace of mind by ensuring no interruptions from restrictions to travel or events. It also presents a more cost-effective option for teams wishing to attend together and will provide access to attendees across all parts of Australia. 

In its third year, the Australian Inclusive Schooling Conference has proven to be the standout professional development opportunity for those looking to deepen their understanding of inclusive education, be challenged to think bigger about the potential of students with disabilities, and be inspired to work towards even greater outcomes for all. 

We can't wait for you to join us. 

12TH & 13TH May 2022

by Popular Demand




You'll be inspired and motivated to do and be better, to raise your voice, to make changes, to seek to create the very best learning opportunities for all students.


You'll hear from leading experts from across Australia and the world who will share the latest research, theory, and most importantly, practice relating to inclusive education. 


You'll be challenged to question what you think you know, to remain humble and curious, to be open to trying new things, and to learning lessons from those with lived experience. 



Image: Graeme, a man with short white hair, is standing in front of a plain wall. He is smiling and wearing an excellent suit.

Graeme Innes

Image: Shelley, a woman with short brown hair and thick black glasses is smiling a big smile. She is wearing a shirt and tie with a stripey sweater.

Shelley Moore

Teacher, Researcher, Speaker, Storyteller

Board Director, Human Rights Activist, Lawyer, Public Speaker

Image: Carly, a woman with short, dark, curly hair is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a top with an abstract pattern.

Carly Findlay

Award-winning Writer, Speaker, Appearance Advocate

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Image: Katie, a woman with short dark hair, is standing in front of a dark curtain. She is wearing a white top and dangly earrings, and is smiling a very big smile.

Dr Katie Novak

Education Consultant, Author, Speaker 

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Dr Paula Kluth

Consultant, Author, Advocate, Independent Scholar

Dr Ross Greene

Clinical Child Psychologist, Author, Originator of the CPS Model

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Tim Chan

Author, Autism Advocate, TEDx Speaker

sarah bw landscape.png

Sarah Humphreys

Ross bw landscape.png

Kate Horstmann

Paediatric Occupational Therapist

summer portrait bw.png

Summer Farrelly

Autistic Advocate, Public Speaker, Inclusion & Education Consultant

Curriculum Specialist, Inclusion Consultant

janice portrait bw.png

Janice Atkin

raych amanda bw landscape.png

Rachel Carr & Amanda Corby

Conference hosts - Illume Learning

Curriculum Specialist, Inclusion Consultant



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12th & 13th May 2022